Before receiving his real estate license in 2002, Ken Ramsay was a CFO for Connor Prairie and a CPA for Blue and Company. As he realized his interest in architecture and complete attention to detail might provide the foundation for a career change, he made the leap.
       Ken brings a hands-on know-how in home renovating to the Studio. His meticulous eye for designing systems insures the management of all things behind-the-scenes. Since 1987, he has personally participated in directing the aesthetic and mechanical rehabilitation of over 20 homes. His work can be appreciated throughout his Italianate residence on Park Street.
       An Indy resident for 23 years, Ken loves the vibrant energy of urban living and the people who reside in the city. When not busy at work, Ken can be found restoring grand dames to their former glory or hanging out with his dog Clementine and Balthazar.

Ken Ramsay