Wade brings a refined design aesthetic to the Studio. He received his bachelor’s degree in interior architecture design from Indiana State University and has spent over two years working in Nashville, Tennessee honing his craft. He has designed in one of the South’s most celebrated firms, where he had work featured in Traditional Home Magazine.
      Wade says that he’s excited to join Everhart Studio because “it advocates the preservation of historic homes, while also embracing new development Downtown.” He comes from a long family line of realtors, and feels as though he was destined to pursue this career path . “Growing up, I watched both my father and my uncle build their own companies with seemingly-natural sales know-how. Real estate was always a topic at the dinner table and with good reason; my uncles, my aunt, and my mother are all brokers,” says Wade.
      In interacting with clients during design presentations, he explains that he learned his passion lay in that face-to-face exchange. “I’ve always loved being able to open people’s eyes to the potential in a space, and that is the essential part of being a real estate broker. I feel that my background in design will allow me to help paint a picture of what a home could be for my clients,” he says.
      A Terre Haute native, Wade feels at home in Indianapolis. “I spent quite a bit of time here in my youth and always harbored affection for this city. Spending time in the South, away from the Midwest, only made me love where I came from that much more. What I love about this city, this state, and this region as a whole, is its wealth of history and its shear potential. There is such great energy in the city right now – people are celebrating our rich past and embracing what the future has to offer. It is exciting time to be part the city!” he explains.
     When he’s not selling home or restoring classic motorcycles, Wade enjoys cooking and keeping a pulse on the culinary world. He also adores hiking and jogging with his wife, Tess and their Brittany spaniel, Bonnie. “We love to attend music festivals, catch shows in town, and hit up local art shows, too,” he says.s. 

Wade Everhart